Fiction Project 2013

Where will this project travel?

This project will be traveling aboard The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library in December 2013 and January 2014 with Fiction Project 2010 and Verse on Paper projects. This means it will be availabile for checkout during all of the events we have going on in that time span, which could range from traveling to other cities to local Brooklyn, NY events!


  • YOU MUST CONNECT YOUR BOOK TO AN ACCOUNT - Registering your barcode number will connect your book to an account and ensure that it is cataloged correctly. Otherwise it will be cataloged as an anonymous work. Go to www.sketchbookproject.com/connect once you receive your book and type in the number on your barcode. Please keep the barcode on the lower right hand corner of the back cover. If your barcode is damaged or lost please email us at support@sketchbookproject.zendesk.com.
  • YOUR BOOK MUST NOT EXCEED THE DIMENSIONS OF 5” WIDE X 7” TALL X 1” THICK. - It can open to any size, but it must fold down and not exceed 5” wide x 7” high x 1” thick. You are welcome to cut, rebind or alter the book in any other way – just please remember to keep it less than 1” thick.
  • WE CANNOT DIGITIZE POP-UP BOOKS, FOLD OUT BOOKS, OR BOOKS THAT EXCEED 5” WIDE X 7” TALL X 1” THICK Please keep in mind that we can’t digitize fold-out books, pop-up books, or book that do not follow the rules. All digitized spreads are slightly cropped at the inside gutter, so landscape images that span two pages may be slightly compromised. We will not refund your money if your book breaks the rules and your book cannot be digitized.
  • BOOKS THAT ARRIVE WET/STICKY, INCORPORATE ABRASIVE MATERIALS,  OR INCLUDE DANGLING OBJECTS MAY BE PREVENTED FROM JOINING THE LIBRARY. You are free to use just about anything in your sketchbook, but there are a few exceptions. Loose or dangling materials, materials that smudge or could be transfered to hands and other sketchbooks, glitter, ties, and strong scents may prevent your sketchbook from being included in the Library. Abrasive, sharp, or hazardous materials are prohibited. If you use glue, ensure that it is completely dry before you send it in, and do your best to make sure no glue is exposed. With changes in humidity glue can become sticky again, and make your pages stick together! Decoupage at your own risk. Over time, pages can adhere together, even if they seem to be dry and non-sticky when you send it in. It's good to keep in mind that your sketchbook could be handle quite a bit, and to avoid delicate materials. Our librarians will thank you!
  • I'M FINISHED! WHERE DO I MAIL MY SKETCHBOOK? Please send your completed Fiction Project book by November, 15 2013 to:

    The Brooklyn Art Library, 
c/o Fiction Project / 103A N. 3rd St. / Brooklyn, NY 11249