Lighting Bolts Under The Night Sky

Rules / Project Agreement

+All prints (the size of the paper, not the size of the plate) must be 5” x 7” and fit into a flat mailing envelope. If your paper size is larger or smaller than 5"x7", your prints will not be included in the exchange.

+All 11 prints must be part of an edition.

+Any method of printmaking is welcome, whether it’s screen-printing, lithography, intaglio, chine cole - even monotype can be made into an edition!

+Please make sure your mailing address is up to date throughout the exchange so that you will be sure to receive the prints you exchanged for.

+Please do not use glue, glitter, or other materials that could fall off your work or damage other contributions.

Postmark your Prints by June 30th, 2016