Your sketchbook will travel to cities across the country. Below are our initial cities for the 2015 tour. Details will be added throughout the year; check back often! Sketchbooks travel in style in our custom built Mobile Library.

What Happens to Your Sketchbook?


  • Brooklyn art library

    Brooklyn Art Library

    Your book has a new home at the Brooklyn Art Library, our storefront exhibition space.

    This might be a little bit like the feeling you get when you drop your first child off at college. But, don’t worry—we’ll make sure your book is warm and dry, eating all its veggies, and only hanging out with the good sketchbooks.

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  • Mobile library

    Mobile Library

    Our Mobile Library will head out next summer to cities across North America.

    Follow along on Instagram as your book will go on a road trip of a lifetime. The best part is, you will receive a notification EVERY TIME your book is viewed on tour!

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  • Digital library

    Digital Library (optional)

    Books archived in our Digital Library are checked out more than two million times every year and can be experienced by anyone with an Internet connection.

    We will professionally photograph your book with our trusty high-tech book digitizer and add it to the library for you to share with people from anywhere around the world.

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